Friends of April is for Authors

Friends of April is for Authors

The mission of April is for Authors is to provide a county-wide literary experience bringing together authors, teachers, students and families to share their love of books.

But an event such as April is for Authors cannot exist without the financial support of the community, especially those of you who love books and want to help promoting kids living literate lives!  

Why not consider being a friend of April is for Authors?  An annual donation to the Russ Corser Foundation will help to ensure that April is for Authors can continue this year and for years to come!

Any donation is sincerely appreciated!  But a minimum of $100 is suggested. The names of the friends of April is for Authors will be listed in the event program.  All donations are tax deductible.  

Russ Corser Foundation

1560 6th Street

West Palm Beach, Florida 33401